Global CAMG Media Group is a media conglomerate that was established in Australia and that operates eight subsidiaries, according to information from local experts and journalists.

Media assets

Radio stations in Australia

Ownership and governance

CAMG used to operate as Austar International Media Group (AIMG), a company founded by Tommy Jiang, a Chinese businessman. Initially Austar ran the radio station 3CW in Melbourne. Since then, the company has expanded, running a network of radio stations in Australia and other countries in the world, and several weeklies and newspapers in Chinese. We are yet to identify all the media outlets in CAMG’s portfolio. A 60% stake in CAMG is owned by China Radio International, a state controlled media outlet in China.

Source of funding & budget

There is no evidence of Chinese government funding in CAMG although local experts and journalists believe that such media can only operate with state subsidies.

Editorial independence

According to local experts and journalists, CAMG was established with the sole goal of spreading Chinese government propaganda, hence it has no statute establishing its editorial independence and no independent assessment/oversight mechanism to validate it.

July 2022

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