Liechtenstein Broadcasting Corporation (Liechtensteinische Rundfunk, LRF) is a public broadcaster based in Schaan, the largest municipality of Liechtenstein. It operates one radio channel, Radio Liechtenstein (or Radio L as it is also known). Radio L functioned as a nationwide broadcaster between 1938-1939. It resumed operation under private ownership in 1995 before it was converted back into a public radio station in January 2004. According to its own website, Radio L reaches around 30,000 listeners within the region, including parts of Switzerland and Austria.

Media assets 

Radio: Radio Liechtenstein (Radio L)

Ownership and governance

Regulated by its own law, LRF is an independent institution under public law. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five to seven people who are professionals in various fields. The government appoints the members of the board as well as the station’s President and the Auditor. The board appoints the five-member management every four years.

Overall, the government supervises the LRF’s operation.

Source of funding & budget

The operation of Radio L is funded mainly by a state subsidy. The station also generates revenues from advertising sales. According to the company’s 2021 annual report, the overall state contribution amounted to CHF 2.6m (US$ 2.7m) whereas the commercial income and revenues from other sources were around CHF 725,000 (US$ 764,000).

In 2015, the reintroduction of a license fee was suggested by the Liechtensteinian government, but the proposal was shelved as the authorities feared that it would lack public support. Moreover, the government concluded that the state contribution was an economically more beneficial model.

Editorial independence

Although the government plays a prominent role in supervising LRF’s operations, there are legal provisions in the act on LRF guaranteeing the broadcaster’s freedom of opinion, objectivity, impartiality of reporting, and journalistic independence. The compliance with the provisions of the law is reviewed by the Auditor. LRF also has an Audience Council consisting of five honorary members selected by lot every five years. Anyone over 16 years of age and who doesn’t belong to the groups of people eligible for the Board of Directors can participate in the lottery. The Council is autonomous, adopts its own rules and procedures, and has an advisory function. The station’s management is legally obliged to provide information to the Council to ensure it can do its work properly.

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