The 2024 State Media Monitor To Be Launched in September

An in-depth update of the State Media Monitor database has been taking place since early June 2024. As part of this process, we update the profiles of all media outlets presented on this platform. The 2024 Global Analysis of State and Public Media, the annual comparative overview of the trends related to state and public media, is scheduled to be released in September 2024. This year’s edition will include several countries that were not analyzed in previous years. The date of the 2024 launch is to be announced here.

Today, 23 October 2023, the Media and Journalism Research Center published the 2023 edition of its State of State Media global analysis. The key findings and charts can be found here.

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In one of the latest decisions made by Twitter under Elon Musk’s rein, as of Tuesday night, National Public Radio (NPR) has…

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Country highlights


Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (Österreichischer Rundfunk, ORF)

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (Österreichischer Rundfunk, ORF), the public service media operator, is the largest media group in Austria with a portfolio of four nationwide television channels and 12 radio stations. ORF is headquartered in Vienna and operates regional studios in Austria’s all nine federal provinces. ORF was established in 1924.

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