State Media Monitor is a project of the Media and Journalism Research Center, a research institute that specializes in carrying out media research globally.

This website features the most complete state media database ever built. Collection of data for the State Media Database has been carried out since 2004 under the supervision of Marius Dragomir, a journalist, media expert and scholar who is the center’s director.

Overall, since 2004, a team of 625 researchers participated in collecting data that have been used to created this database, through a spate of research projects including Television Across Europe, Mapping Digital Media and the ongoing Media Influence Matrix.

A consortium of experts led by the Media and Journalism Research Center carries out monitoring of the media outlets featured in the database, which is slated to be updated every year in September.

For more information about the project, please, contact Mihaela Groza.

Project director

Mihaela Groza


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