Who finances State Media Monitor?

State Media Monitor is based on data collected through a slew of projects that have been conducted since 2004, which were exclusively financed through research grants. All the current costs related to running State Media Monitor are borne by the Media and Journalism Research Center. No state or company funding is used to conduct the research behind this project.

Is there any financial link between companies listed on the site and State Media Monitor?

No. To maintain the independence of the research work, State Media Monitor does not accept any funds from companies listed on this site.

Is State Media Monitor the main source of data about state media?

Yes. State Media Monitor is the most complete source of information about state media ever produced. The database is also the only credible source of information thanks to its research model, which ensures the independence of the research.

Is the classification of the state media in this database changing?

Yes. We update the information throughout the year to ensure we capture relevant information. We publish a new report with the latest trends in the last quarter of every year. We change the classification of various media outlets where this is prompted by developments and changes in the operations of those outlets. For more information, check the Typology section.

Can state media outlets listed on this database contact you regarding the information about them published on this site?

Yes. Researchers are also human beings, hence, if some state media outlets believe that they have been wrongly assessed, we welcome evidence proving that our evaluation is wrong or unfair. Following a fact-checking process, we will diligently include that evidence in our evaluation.