Asian Culture & Media Group is a media company registered in the US and targeting the American public. It runs SinoVision TV, its flagship media outlet, which operates two 24-hours channels (in Chinese and in English) and the newspapers Qiaobao and Sino American Times.

Media assets

Television: SinoVision

Print: Qiaobao, The Sino American Times

Ownership and governance

Asian Culture & Media Group is controlled and run by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of PRC. Most of the group’s executives and editors had earlier worked for Chinese state-run media.

Source of funding & budget

There is no publicly available information about the source of funding behind Asian Culture & Media Group. According to experts authoring a China report during 2010-2014, at the time most of the funds of Asian Culture & Media Group came from the Chinese government. Although this information can’t be verified today, no other source of revenue could be identified either.

Editorial independence

The media run by Asian Culture & Media Group are known as a propaganda channel serving the government of China (they often republish content from the mainstream Chinese state-run media).

There is no statute and no independent assessment/oversight mechanism to validate the independence of  the media outlets run by Asian Culture & Media Group.

July 2022

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