Named after Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa TV is the official television channel of the Hamas government, the de facto government in Gaza. Launched in 2006, the broadcaster airs news content, children’s shows and religious programs.

Media assets

Television: Al-Aqsa TV

State Media Matrix Typology: Captured Public/State-Managed (CaPu)

Ownership and governance

The governing structures of the station are discretionarily appointed by Hamas’ leadership. The station is headed by a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, the unicameral parliament of the Palestinian Authority.

Source of funding and budget

The broadcaster is fully funded by Hamas, the militant Islamic group that runs Gaza. There is no official information about the size of the budget allocated to Al-Aqsa, according to local journalists and experts. They say that the station had an annual budget of US$ 5m, mostly coming from donors.

Editorial independence

The news and current affairs programs on Al-Aqsa openly promote Hamas. The station’s programs are known to disseminate aggressive anti-semitic messages, according to local journalists and experts.

No domestic statute and no body or mechanism to independently validate the editorial independence of Al-Aqsa television station have been identified.

August 2023