Government Television is a group of television broadcasters that are run by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. They include TV Tajikistan, the main television media outlet in the country, TV Safina, Jahonnamo TV, Bahoriston, Sport TV, TV Sinamo and TV Shahnavoz. In 2021, the station launched a new channel, Ilm va Tabiat (Science and Nature).

Media assets

Television: National– Televizioni Tojikiston, TV Safina, Jahonnamo TV, Bahoriston, Sports TV, TV Sinamo, TV Shahnavoz; Regional- TV Poytakht, TV Soghd,TV Khatlon, TV Kulob, TV Badakhshon, TV ANT, TV Mavji Oriyono, TV Mavji Istiqlol, TV Servis, TV Alyans

State Media Matrix Typology: State-Controlled (SC)

Ownership and governance

Government Television operations in Tajikistan are run by the Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting, which is a broadcast media regulator (it licenses independent television stations), but also a broadcast media provider (that runs all the government television broadcasters).

Source of funding and budget

Government Television stations are entirely financed by the state, according to information from local experts and journalists. There is no official data about the funds allocated to the state television broadcasters.

Editorial independence

Government Television stations in Tajikistan have the mission and task to represent and promote the policies of the Tajik government, according to information from local experts and journalists. An ad hoc analysis of the content aired by these stations found a clear pro-government bias with most of the reports devoted to state officials, particularly the top ones such as the President.

No domestic statute and no independent assessment or oversight mechanism that establish and validate the editorial independence of the Government Television have been identified.

September 2023