National Broadcasting Services of Thailand (NBT)

National Broadcasting Services of Thailand (NBT) is a nationwide television station owned and run by a government agency. The broadcaster operates NBT Television, which airs programs to 11 affiliated stations, and Radio Thailand, which operates on nearly 150 radio frequencies across Thailand. In 2013, NBT launched NBT World, an English-language channel aimed at a global audience.

Media assets

Television: NBT Television (affiliated stations: NNT1, NNT2, NNT3, NNT4, NNT5, NNT6, NNT7, NNT8), NBT Regional (Channel 11), NBT World

Radio: Radio Thailand, Radio Thailand World Service

State Media Matrix Typology:

Ownership and governance

According to information from the broadcaster, NBT is a government agency that is subordinated to the Public Relations Department (PRD) of the Prime Minister. It acts as an official government mass medium whose main mission is to disseminate information about the government’s policies and activity. It was established in accordance with a government resolution dated 15 January 1985. People employed to lead the broadcaster are all on the government payroll.

Source of funding and budget

NBT is fully funded by the Thai government, according to data from the corporation. In the past, due to the financial problems faced by the Thai government, NBT has repeatedly experienced financial shortages. Grants from foreign governments (Japanese government, especially) helped the broadcaster modernize its equipment and facilities. The latest annual report released by the broadcaster dates back to 2017.

Editorial independence

Strict rules on the editorial coverage of the media run by NBT are in place, according to local experts and journalists. Aware of the broadcaster’s mission, journalists at NBT are not toeing the line and take seriously their mission to disseminate information about the government and to represent the authorities in their work.

The broadcaster is organized as a state department, hence there is no domestic statute that establishes its editorial independence and no independent assessment mechanism.

October 2023