The government runs a few media of its own, including Rada, a television channel that covers the work of Parliament, and Golos Ukrainy, a newspaper focused also on Parliament, and Uryadovy Kuryer, the newspaper in charge of covering the activities of the government.

Media assets

Television: Rada

Publishing: Golos Ukrainy (Voice of Ukraine), Uryadovy Kuryer (Government Courier)

State Media Matrix Typology: State-Controlled (SC)

Ownership and governance

The management structures of the government media are appointed upon decision of the authorities (Parliament and Government).

Source of funding and budget

Funding for government media comes entirely from the state budget. In 2019, the parliament media received a state subsidy of UAH 44.7m (US$ 1.9m). Uryadoyvy Kuryer received a state subsidy of UAH 13.46m (US$ 572,000), according to a report about Ukrainian media.

Editorial independence

The mission of the government media is to cover the activity of the institution that they represent and that funds them (Parliament and Government). Hence, they totally lack independence. The government media is little known in Ukraine, very few people following these outlets.

There is no domestic statute and no independent assessment or oversight mechanism that would validate the editorial independence of the government media in Ukraine.

September 2023