Yeni Azerbaijan (meaning the New Azerbaijan) is the newspaper of the New Azerbaijan Party, founded in 1992 by the current president’s father, which has been in power since its early days.

Media assets

Publishing: Yeni Azerbaijan

State Media Matrix Typology: State-Controlled (SC)

Ownership and governance

Yeni Azerbaijan is a journal run by the New Azerbaijan Party, which has controlled the country for nearly three decades. As there is almost no distinction between the ruling party and the state in Azerbaijan, Yeni Azerbaijan can be considered a state-owned outlet.

Source of funding and budget

Due to the total lack of transparency in the Azeri administration, it’s not clear  how much funding Yeni Azerbaijan receives from the government. Journalists following Azerbaijan say that Yeni Azerbaijan is fully funded by the Azeri government.

Editorial independence

Yeni Azerbaijan is openly supportive of the president Aliyev and fully aligned with the government’s agenda, according to Azeri journalists and experts.

No domestic statute or independent assessment or oversight mechanism to validate the editorial independence of Yeni Azerbaijan have been identified.

September 2023