Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC)

Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) is a television network controlled by the Presidential Administration in the Philippines. DZTV-TV is the main television channel of the group, which runs a total of seven television channels and three radio channels.

Media assets

Television: DZTV-TV (IBC-TV 13 Manila), IBC TV-6 Baguio, IBC TV-12 Iloio, IBC TV-13 Cebu, IBC TV-6 Palo, IBC TV-10 Cagayan de Oro, IBC TV-13 Davao

Radio: Radyo Budyong Kalibo, Radyo Budyong Roxas

State Media Matrix Typology: State-Controlled (SC)

Ownership and governance

IBC is fully owned by the government, through the PCOO, the Presidential Administration in the Philippines. It is one of the key pillars of the Presidential Administration media arm along with PTV and PBS. In early 2020, the PCOO announced plans for fresh investments in the broadcaster as part of the government’s larger strategy to turn the station into an education-focused broadcaster.

In January 2023, the House of Representatives approved the renewal for another 25 years of the franchise granted to IBC.

Source of funding and budget

According to annual reports and financial statements of the corporation, IBC had a total income of PHP 653m (US$ 13m) in 2021. More than 66% of that amount came through a government allocation.

However, in 2023, the broadcaster found itself in a serious financial crisis. In August 2023, IBC’s management asked Congress for funds after the lawmaking body announced that it did not approve any state funding allocation for IBC in the country’s 2024 budget. Earlier on, a press secretary in the government said that IBC did not receive any state funds because it was planned to be privatized.

Editorial independence

IBC is fully controlled by the Presidential Administration, which is the main decision-maker in all matters related to the broadcaster’s operations, including its editorial agenda.

The Presidential Administration has discretionary power in all aspects related to IBC’s operations.

No independent assessment of the IBC’s editorial performance has been identified.

October 2023