Kopernikus Corporation

Media assets

Television: Prva, O2 TV

News portal: B92

State Media Matrix Typology: Captured Private (CaPr)

Kopernikus Corporation is a conglomerate founded by businessman Srdjan Milovanovic in 1998. It later expanded into other media segments, including sale of satellite antennas, construction of cable distribution systems and internet.

In 2018, Milovanovic, whose brother is a high-ranking SNS member, sold Kopernikus’ cable network to Telekom Srbija, a state-owned telco. With exactly the sum charged for the sale of Kopernikus’ cable network, roughly €200m, Milovanovic purchased Antenna Group, which runs the television channels TV Prva and O2.

Although the new owner of the two stations promised in 2018 that their editorial line would not be affected by the changes in ownership, local experts and journalists say that the outlets have adopted a visibly pro-government tone. They describe the outlets as clear examples of media capture.

October 2023