The military owns its own portfolio of media outlets that include the Myawady daily, a publication launched in April 2011 after the first civilian-elected members of the government were appointed (following a long military dictatorship), and Myawaddy TV, a broadcaster launched in 1995 that runs today seven television stations (under the MWD brand) and two radio channels (under the Thazin brand).

Media assets

Television: MWD, MWD Variety, TVM, MWD Education Knowledge and Sports, Channel Light, Golden Land, WAF

Publishing: Myawady Daily, Yanadabon, Ngwetayi, Thutha Alin, Agaza Myingwin

Radio: Thazin FM, Star FM

State Media Matrix Typology: State-Controlled (SC)

Ownership and governance

MWD is owned and operated by the Tatmadaw (Myanmar armed forces). The army makes all the appointments of the management at all of the army’s media outlets.

Source of funding and budget

There is no information publicly available about the annual budget of MWD. According to local journalists and experts, the military covers over 80% of the expenditure of the MWD media.

Editorial independence

MWD’s media outlets all follow an official editorial line imposed by the army.

There is no domestic statute and no independent assessment/oversight mechanism that would guarantee the editorial independence of the outlets run by the military.

October 2023