Radio Television of Vojvodina (RTV)

Based in Novi Sad, Radio Television of Vojvodina (Radio Televizija Vojvodine in Serbian, or Vajdasági rádió és televízió in Hungarian, Radio Televizia Vojvodiny in Slovak, Radioteleviziunea Voivodinei in Romanian) is a regional public broadcaster in Vojvodina, a Serbian province.

Media assets

Television: Rаdio television of Vojvodina 1, Radio television of Vojvodina 2

Radio: Radio Novi Sad 1 (Serbian), Radio Novi Sad 2 (Hungarian), Radio Novi Sad 3 (Croatian, Slovak, Rusyn, Romanian and Romany)

State Media Matrix Typology: Captured Public/State-Managed (CaPu)

Radio Television of Vojvodina (RTV) is funded, governed and controlled in the same way as the national public broadcaster in Serbia, RTS whose profile can be accessed here.

October 2023